Here are the frequently answered questions and answers from customers buying online from
1. Has my order been shipped yet?

We dispatch on all working days at 2 P.M If you complete your order before 2 P.M, your order will be shipped on the same day. If you order after 2 P.M, your order will be dispatched on the next working day.
2. What is the expected delivery time?
Typical delivery time to mainland Europe is 3-5 days.
3. Which delivery method do you use?
We use the regular post service who will try to deliver to your door. We do not use couriers.
4. Is my order going to be delivered at my doorstep?
Yes, normally your order will be delivered to you directly at your address. Special rules may apply for your local area, though, so please check with your local postal service if in doubt. In the checkout section you can choose an alternative delivery address (such as your workplace) if that would be more convenient for you.
1. I want to return my order or parts of it - is this possible?

Yes - if the product is un-opened and in its original condition. You can read more about our return policy at this link: Shipping And Returns If you are in doubt as to whether you qualify for a return, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support department. They will be glad to help you out and answer any questions.
2. Can I exchange my product to something else?
Yes, you can always return and exchange any product you have bought in our store, as long as the product is returned un-opened and in its original condition. Please contact our support department if you have any questions about exchanging a product you have bought from us.
1. I have bought a product from you, but now I can't find it in your webshop?

You have probably ordered the last item. When a product is sold out, it is automatically removed from the webshop. As soon as it is in stock again, it will reappear in the webshop.
2. I can't find my phone in your webshop - can it really be that you don't have any covers for MY phone?
We have one of the largest selection of smartphone covers in Europe, so there is a pretty good chance that we have something for your phone too. Please try looking for your phone in the category "Other models" under your smartphone/tablet manufacturer. If you have a brand new smartphone model, we might not have any products for it yet. But don't despair - we order products home for all new smartphones as soon as they are available, so in all probability it will only be a matter of time before we have covers and accessories ready for your shiny new smartphone.